Modeling media and ethno-cultural-religious minorities: Ideal Types and Discursive Orientations
For more detailed cases in Australian journalism, see Reporting Diversity.

Minorities seen as Media Culture Religion
Victims Represents white-western-Christian/ Jewish or ruling elite  interests or biases Historically anti-Islamic and racist dominant culture which espouses multiculturalism in a hyprocritical form Legitimate expression of popular culture and area of private practice, which can co-exist in western societies.Indig should have control of their own lives and spaces.
Threat Dominated by left liberal intelligentsia which does not comprehend the risk; probably harbours anti-Semitic biases Sustains a liberal ideology that cannot cope with authoritarian social movements such as Islamist or self-destructive and primitive sub-cultures Religions are systems of values that determine behaviour; secular social values important; hierarchy of values should be defended capped by Christian Democracy; Indigenous should be assimilated.
Integrative Media can allow for dialogue and engagement through modelling better social practices Shared culture is essentially one of tolerance and capacity to overcome prejudice through inter-group respect Religion should be private/ communal and not impose values on secular political world; in modern society should accept modernity; Indigenous should be welcomed into modern world

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